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Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days


Family Fun Days provides an opportunity to get together with your friends in a relaxed setting. They will take place at Chabad and feature activities for the kids and a dinner for the whole family. 

These Fun Days will also be an opportunity for our KidShul members to scan in their incentive cards, see their point balance and "purchase" prizes.

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January 14, 7:00pm - Family Havdallah
February 12, 4:30pm
March 26, 4:30pm
May 7, 4:30pm 
June 4, 4:30pm


Upcoming events
Jun. 28, 2017
(Men Only) RSVP/Lunch Fee
Taught by Rabbi Horowitz
Jun. 29, 2017
Taught by Rabbi Kesselman
Jul. 01, 2017
Weekly Chassidus Class Before Davening.
Taught by Rabbi Horowitz.
Jul. 01, 2017
KidShul is a weekly junior congregation program where Tefillah, Parsha and life lessons are taught through stories, songs and games. Led by Rabbi Horowitz.