SERVICE SCHEDULE Sukkot 5784-2023

All Sukkot Services will take place at the
Chabad of Plano
3904 West Park Blvd. • Plano, TX 75075

For more information please call 972-596-8270 or email us.


Friday, September 29, 2023 ~ First night of Sukkot

  Light Candles 6:56pm
  Mincha & Maariv Service 6:50pm
  Sukkot Membership Dinner 7:30pm
Shabbat, September 30 ~ First Day of Yom Tov
  Shacharit Services 10:00am
  Mincha/Torah Discussion 6:50pm
  Maariv Service 7:50pm
  Light candles from pre existing flame after 7:50pm
Sunday, October 1 ~ Second Day of Yom Tov
  Shacharit services 10:00am
  Mincha/Maariv 6:50pm
  Holiday Ends 7:48pm
Monday, October 2 ~ First Day of Chol Hamoed
  Shacharit services 7:00am
Tuesday, October 3 ~ Second Day of Chol Hamoed
  Shacharit services 7:00am
Wednesday, October 4 ~ Third Day of Chol Hamoed
  Shacharit services 7:00am
Thursday, October 5 ~ Fourth Day Chol Hamoed
  Shacharit Services 10:00am
Friday, October 6 ~ Hoshana Rabba
  Shacharit Services 7:00am
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