Every Shabbat, 11:15am-12:15pm (supervised free play for children 2-6 years old will begin at 10:45am).

The ALL NEW Yehuda Kaplan KidShul is a program that your kids will love and one that will allow you to daven in Shul uninterrupted. The program which will have groups for ages 1-12, includes davening, learning the parsha with stories and activities, snack, and age appropriate games or sports. (See full schedule below.)

Incentive system:

Each child will receive a “KidShul ID card” and points are accumulated every Shabbat which can then be redeemed for fun trips and prizes. 
During our Family Fun Days the children will have the opportunity to scan in their incentive cards, see their point balance and "purchase" prizes.  

Please Click Here for more about our Family Fun Days
KidShul program is overseen by Rabbi Horowitz.