Learn the significance of Tefillin and how to put them on, followed by a delicious breakfast, great camaraderie and occasional speakers. Tefillin are available if you don't own a pair. Fathers, you can create an everlasting bond with your son...bring your teen to the Tefillin Club and bind Tefillin together!

Led by Rabbi Block
At the Lang Chabad Center
No RSVP, No charge 

Teffilin Club is brought to you by:

"The Chabad Men's Club"

Chabad Men's Club Committee:
Michael Beren, Wayne Feldman, Gary Glanger, Gabriel Herschberg, Jesse Ohayon, Allen Safir, Mark Segal


Sunday Mornings 
8:00 AM
2018-19 Dates:

September 16th
October 14th  
November 11th
December 16th
January 13th
February 10th
March 10th
April 7th
May 12th
June 2nd