Youth and Teens

We will provide Junior Congregation, childcare, and teen discussions while you attend services.

For more information please call 972-596-8270 or email [email protected]


CLICK HERE  to download the COMPLETE High Holiday Childcare/Family Service Schedule.
A detailed schedule will also be posted in the Shul.
All Childcare and Jr. Congregation Programming will be planned and coordinated by Nechama Block.
Please Note: "Childcare" means supervision and free play overseen by teachers from our preschool. "Special Programming" means age appropriate holiday services and Shofar blowing led by our Rabbis and Rebbitzins.

Rosh Hashanah  
Friday Night, September 15
  Ages 18 months - 12 years 6:30 - 8:00pm
Shabbat, September 16 - Sunday, September 17
  Ages 18 months - 12 years CHILDCARE 10:00am - end of services

First and Second Day Rosh Hashanah Special Programming

(Shofar blowing will take place only on the second day as we do not blow the Shofar on Shabbat)
11:30-12:45 (Lunch included)

Family Service: For children until age 7 & their parents
Junior Congregation: For ages 8-12

Torah Talk: For teens 13-17


(due to the first day being on Shabbat, we blow the Shofar and go to Tashlich on the 2nd day only)

Family Afternoon Shofar/Tashlich Service
Sunday, September 17th at 5:45 p.m.

This service will be an afternoon Shofar Blowing (for any men, women and children that didn’t hear the Shofar blowing the morning) followed by a beautiful, communal Tashlich service.

Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur Eve, Sunday Night, September 24
  Ages 18 months - 12 years CHILDCARE 6:45 - 9:15pm
  Ages 5 years - 12 years Jr. Congregation 7:30 - 8:00pm
Yom Kippur Day, Monday, September 25
  Ages 18 months - 12 years CHILDCARE 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Yom Kippur Special Programming
11:45-1:00 (
Kids Lunch included )

Family Service: for children up to age 7 & their parents
Jr. Congregation: For ages 8-12
Torah Talks: For teens ages 13-17

11:30am - 12:45pm
Afternoon Neilah Service, Monday, September 25th OUTDOORS - No childcare/supervision  
  Parents are responsible to watch their children on the playground 6:30 - 7:50pm
  All children are invited into the Shul for Shema Yisrael and to hear the final Shofar blast. 7:50 - 7:57pm