An Evening of Song

"There are some voices that have to be heard - and Shulem is one of them." 

Shulem-Profile.png    Shulem Lemmer is a sensational Brooklyn tenor whose performances include  every style from pop, to rock and roll, to jazz as well as traditional cantorial  melodies. He is an inspiration as he sings to audiences across the globe.   

    Shulem is the first Hasidic singer to be signed by a major   label, Universal Music  Group, and has just released his debut album, "The Perfect Dream". 

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"His music is able to reach across cultural divides and touch people of diverse faiths and backgrounds." - Tablet Magazine 


"With Historic Record Deal, Hasidic Singer Brings a Universal Message" - The Jewish Press 


"People are touched by his voice and his ability to communicate a hopeful message. That’s what makes him so special.” -Graham Parker, Universal Music Group