Dear Friends,

Close to 400 people filled the auditorium at the Eisemann Center as we celebrated together, said L'chaim, looked back over 30 years of Chabad of Plano and looked ahead to the next 30 years and beyond. 

We are so grateful to all of you, who were able to attend our event Sunday March 27th, 2022 and we wish every one of you who is part of the Chabad of Plano story could have been there with us in person! 

Whether you were there and want to relive the experience, or you missed it and want to see what it was like - we have the whole event documented in Hi Def :)

L'chaim to the next 30 years and beyond at Chabad of Plano!!

Chabad of Plano/Collin County 

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Event Films

During the event we screened a 2 part film "The Constant Gardeners" which tracks the growth of Chabad of Plano from its inception, and tells the Chabad of Plano "Story" through the eyes of of three of the families who's lives intersected with and were impacted by the Block Family and Chabad of Plano. 

Watch part 1 and part 2 below.




Event Replay


Part 1: Highlights and welcome remarks from the Master of Ceremonies.



Part 2: Introduction and the D'var Torah from the Lubavitcher Rebbe.



Part 3: Presentation to the Honorees Rabbi and Rivkie Block



Part 4: Concert with Master Hasidic Violinist, Daniel Ahaviel.