About Torah Cafe

Location: Lang Chabad Center

A stimulating learning experience held before the High Holidays and before Passover. Torah Cafe will begin with a delicious breakfast and an opportunity to socialize with old and new friends.

Following breakfast participants will  be able to choose two sessions to attend, from classes being offered on a variety of topics relating to the upcoming holiday. Each class will be led by Rabbi and Rebbetzins from the community. Torah Cafe is sure to leave all attendees inspired and prepared for the Holiday.

Upcoming Torah Cafe Events.

September, 2019 - Pre High Holiday

Torah Cafe Schedule

9:00- 9:30 AM   Delicious Breakfast and Program Orientation
9:40 - 10:20AM   Small Group Learning 
10:25 - 11:00AM   Small Group Learning

*available topics for small group learning below

This Torah Cafe is Sponsored by:

Karen Glanger, Gary & Ilanit Glanger

and James & Terri Raven 

in honor of the recent Yartzeit of their

Husband and Father

  Trevor Glanger 

And the upcoming Yartzeit of their

Mother and Grandmother 

 Masha Skok and Beila Adler


Small Group Learning Sessions
 dan lewin torah cafe.jpg  

 "Insights Into the Haggadah"

Rabbi Howard Wolk - Community Chaplain, Jewish Family Services.

 Ideas to share at your Pesach Seder. Get prepared to share beautiful and inspirational thoughts with your family and friends.



 "10 Plagues according to Kabbalah"

Rabbi Peretz Shapiro - Jewish Life Network

Join Rabbi Shapiro for a discussion on the fascinating story of the 10 plagues.


 Eli Block an Inner Perspective.png  

''The 4 (Problematic) Cups"

Rabbi Eli Block - Chabad at Legacy West

A Mystical exploration of an enigmatic Talmudic discussion about the 4 cups of wine.

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