Torah & Brews   

Join us for a cool bottle of beer, great refreshments and some good conversation on a multitude of Jewish topics of interest. 

Torah and Brews is back!

But now, it’s with a twist: Craft beers + Torah. If that's not a match made in heaven, then we made it here on earth. Our theme this year is the pairing of the exotic, wonderful world of craft beer, and Torah. Just like there is a craft beer for every palate, so is there is an idea in Torah to satisfy every mind. Once a month, we will choose a beer (or two) to highlight, and a corresponding topic in Torah to discuss. 

No Charge - No RSVP necessary though always appreciated.
Led by Rabbis Block and Horowitz.
[email protected] | No charge

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Torah & Brews is brought to you by:

"The Chabad Men's Club"

Chabad Men's Club Committee:
Michael Beren, Wayne Feldman, Gary Glanger, Gabriel Herschberg, Ed Matisoff, Jesse Ohayon, Allen Safir, Mark Segal


Thursdays | 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
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